Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How To Travel To Luxembourg

EuropeLuxembourgHow To Travel To Luxembourg

By plane

Luxembourg-Findel International Airport (IATA: LUX) lies 6 kilometers outside of the city of Luxembourg. Luxair, the national airline, and other airlines link it to numerous European locations. On the airport’s website, you may get a complete schedule. The hubs at Amsterdam (served by KLM), Paris Charles de Gaulle (served by Luxair), Frankfurt (served by Luxair), and London Heathrow (served by Luxair) may link visitors from airports not directly serviced to Luxembourg (served by British Airways). It’s worth noting that international flights to Luxembourg that include a stopover at a hub airport are often comparable to or even less costly than flights to the hub itself.

The Ryanair hubs Frankfurt-Hahn, approximately two hours away by direct Flibco bus, and “Brussels”-South Charleroi, about three hours away by direct Flibco bus and charleroiexpress.com, are two alternative airports, particularly for low-cost airlines.

Luxembourg City and Frankfurt Airport are connected by the DeLux-Express bus service.

By train

Direct trains run from Paris (2 hours), Metz (1 hour), Brussels (3 hours), and Trier to Luxembourg railway station (43 min). On the website of the national railroads firm CFL, you may find both international and national schedules. Trains from Paris must be booked in advance [www.voyages-sncf.com on the SNCF website], with savings available for those who do so. There are no prior savings or the ability to reserve seats on trains to Metz, Brussels, Trier, and other nearby destinations, thus there is no benefit to booking these trains in advance. When going from Trier, it is recommended to purchase a TagesTicket DeLux, a day-ticket that costs €8.40 and includes a roundtrip journey to Luxembourg as well as unlimited bus and rail travel throughout Luxembourg and the Trier region. The CFL runs a minibus shuttle between Luxembourg train station and TGV Lorraine, from which passengers can connect to TGV trains to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Disneyland Paris, Rennes, Bordeaux, and other destinations, as well as a bus shuttle to Saarbrucken, from which passengers can connect to the German ICE network.

By car

The A3 highway connects Metz (A3), Brussels (A6), and Trier (A1) to the ring road surrounding Luxembourg City, which connects to most other areas of the nation.

Leave the highway arriving from the east (Germany) at exit “Cents” if you wish to enjoy a beautiful view on your route to the city, “Grund,” and Kasematten. Drive down the hill into Cents. Don’t be deterred by signs indicating that the road through “Grund” is closed.

By bus

Aside from the airport services mentioned above, commuter buses to Trier and Bitburg are sometimes available. The train is a much better choice for getting into the country from a local location. There are a few intercity buses that run between Germany and Luxemburg.