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Gudauri is a mountain ski resort in Georgia located 2,200 meters above sea level on a south-facing plateau of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. Gudauri’s skiable section receives the most sun exposure, making it a fantastic all-year-round tourist attraction.

In the winter, guests may enjoy skiing as well as a variety of other outdoor sports. Skiers of all abilities will discover remarkable options for slalom, giant slalom, and downhill skiing, as well as the world-famous heli-skiing for those seeking extreme difficulties.

Gudauri’s mountain slopes are snow-covered for 4-5 months, from December to late April, and provide excellent snowboarding chances. The average snow depth on these slopes is 2.5 meters.

Gudauri’s overall length surpasses 57 kilometers and fulfills the highest international requirements. Several platter lifts, moving carpets, chairlifts, and a cabin lift provide access to the slopes.

The base lift at Gudauri is about 2,200 meters above sea level, while the summit lift is 3,285 meters.

Children may enjoy a lot of fun in the town near the hotels at playgrounds, or they can utilize moving carpets and take private or group ski instruction at ski schools. Tubing is one of the non-ski sports available in Gudauri.

In the summer, the resort comes alive as a fantastic tourist destination, complete with crisp fresh air and exceptional locations for horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, bird viewing, and so on.

Gudauri’s excellent hotels provide all of the facilities required for organizing regional and international conferences, trade exhibitions, expos, seminars, and workshops.

Gudauri is a fast expanding area that is seeing an increase in the number of hotels, guesthouses, sport centers, restaurants, lounges, and pubs.

The New Year’s week is considered the highlight of the season in Gudauri, with guests coming from all across Georgia and even from outside. Gudauri is the best starting point for exploring the Greater Caucasus at any time of year.



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