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Batumi is Georgia’s second biggest city, situated on the Black Sea coast in the country’s southwest. Batumi, located in a subtropical zone near the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, is a renowned tourist destination noted for its changeable weather–it is a busy coastal resort during the summer seasons, but may become completely blanketed in snow during the winter. The city’s economy is mostly based on tourism and gambling, although it is also a major seaport with sectors including as shipbuilding, food processing, and light manufacturing. Batumi has been renovated since 2010 by the development of contemporary high-rise structures as well as the restoration of classical 19th-century edifices that line its ancient Old Town.

Batumi – Info Card

POPULATION : 152,839
FOUNDED : Founded – 8th century
City status – 1866
TIME ZONE : Georgian Time (UTC+4)
AREA : 64.9 km2 (25.1 sq mi)
ELEVATION : 3 m (10 ft)
COORDINATES : 41°38′45″N 41°38′30″E
SEX RATIO : Male: 47,1%
 Female: 52,9%
POSTAL CODE :  6000-6010
DIALING CODE : (+995) 422
WEBSITE : Official website

Tourism in Batumi

Batumi is Georgia’s capital city and the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara. Its beachfront position and subtropical temperature make it a popular tourist destination in the Caucasus. It’s the region’s party capital, with a nightlife to match, which increasingly includes big name international DJs on beach-front clubs. Expect Russians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Iranians, Turks, Dutch, and, of course, Georgians to party on the beaches.

Climate of Batumi

Batumi and its environs are key tourist and resort zones on Georgia’s Black Sea coast. It has a humid subtropical climate. The low yearly temperature range, with a pleasant winter and warm summer, is a feature of both the city and the Georgian coast. The average yearly temperature is 14.5 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in January, the coldest month, is 7.1 degrees Celsius, and 23.2 degrees Celsius in August, the hottest month. The yearly rainfall totals 2560 mm. Showers are common. It seldom snows, but when it does, it evaporates quickly. The average yearly temperature of the water along the coast is 16.7 C.



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