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Stay Safe & Healthy in Armenia

EuropeArmeniaStay Safe & Healthy in Armenia

Stay Safe in Armenia

Overall, Yerevan is a secure city, although theft and pickpocketing are not uncommon, especially among foreigners. When going along the street at night, use common sense and normal precautions, particularly if you’ve been drinking.

Female tourists should be informed that seeing solo ladies after dark is uncommon. A single lady strolling alone at night on the outskirts of the city may draw notice.

Taxis from the airport cost about 5,000 dram. People at the Zvartnots airport will also ask you if you need a cab as you leave. They will often give a lower cost (approximately half the amount) than the official taxi since they have previously dropped off a customer and are seeking for any potential fare return – however you will have to travel a little farther to get to their cab. However, if they attempt to charge you more than the agreed-upon amount at the end, alleging a misunderstanding or anything else, refuse and threaten to contact the cops. They will pay the agreed-upon sum.

Stay Healthy in Armenia

When you dine with Armenians, they will feed you till you are full. Even from roadside khorovats booths, the food is usually safe.

Although tap water is usually safe since it comes straight from the mountains, it is better to use bottled water. On virtually every street corner, you can buy both mineral water with gas and regular spring water. This water is accessible in both rural and urban locations.


Armenia has strong anti-smoking regulations that are frequently disregarded. The nation has the highest rate of male cigarette smoking in Europe. You may smoke if there is an ashtray on the table.

Non-smoking restaurants and cafés are becoming more popular. Non-smoking areas are common in French bakery-style restaurants and wine bars.

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