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Perisher is the most popular snow tourist resort in Australia. Perisher (known as Perisher Blue until 2009) is Australia’s biggest ski resort. The resort is an amalgamation of four villages (Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Guthega, and Blue Cow) and their associated ski fields, covering approximately 12 square kilometers (5 sq mi), with the base elevation at 1,720 metres (5,640 ft) AHD and the summit elevation of 2,054 metres (6,739 ft) at Mount Perisher. 240 snow cannons cover 4.4 square kilometers (1.7 square miles) of this region, which is used to artificially augment natural snowfall. Perisher’s diverse terrain is appropriate for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to specialists.

The Skitube, Australia’s first subterranean rack train, connects the resort to the road. The primary skiing season is in July and August, with the official season beginning the second weekend of June and ending the first weekend of October. The Village Eight Express, an eight-seater chairlift (constructed in 2003), two high-speed quad detachable chairlifts, five fixed-grip quad chairlifts, four double chairlifts, two triple chairlifts, 21 T-Bars, three J-bars, seven ski carpets, and two rope tows make up Perisher’s 47 lifts. The run difficulty is divided into three categories: 22 percent beginning, 60 percent intermediate, and 18 percent advanced.



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