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Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates and is situated in the center of the United Arab Emirates on the western coast. The Emirate is located on the Gulf coast, with a coastline that stretches for 16 kilometers. Ajman has a total area of 259 square kilometers. As of 2004, its population was estimated to be over 230 thousand people. The Emirate of Ajman covers around 460 km2, with a total area of approximately 600 km2 including regional waterways. Ajman City is the Emirate’s capital and is located on a tiny creek 16 kilometers north of Sharjah.

The AL Nuaimi tribe is Ajman’s royal family.

Tourism in Ajman

Ajman is resuming its development, which was halted by the 2007-8 economic crisis, and is experiencing a period of boom. Tourist attractions in the emirate, including as hotels, retail malls, and cultural centers, are fast expanding. The Ajman National Museum, located in Ajman Fort, as well as the Red Fort and the museum in the inland enclave of Manama, are popular tourist sites.

The corniche in Ajman is a popular evening and weekend destination for families, with a variety of fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and kiosks. It is home to the ‘Outside Inn,’ a favorite hangout for expats, as well as a variety of hotels, including the Ramada, Ajman Palace, Kempinski, and the opulent Ajman Saray.

Economy of Ajman

The Ruler’s office, enterprises, commercial marketplaces, and over 50 foreign and local retail stores are located in Ajman. Emirates National Bank of Dubai, Ajman Bank, Arab Bank PLC, Bank Saderat Iran, and Commercial Bank of Dubai are among the banks with whom it has a stake. Ajman is also home to the UAE’s fishing sector and seafood importers/exporters.



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