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Dizin is one of Iran’s major ski resorts, located north of Tehran. The highest ski lift is 3,600 m (11,800 ft), making it one of the world’s 40 highest ski resorts. Dizin ski resort is located 71 kilometers (43 miles) north of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range in the Gajereh area.

The resort is accessible from Tehran through two roads: the higher route via Shemshak (71 kilometers – this road is sometimes blocked due to heavy snow) and the lower road via Karaj (120 km.).

It is most likely Iran’s most permissive public space. On weekends (Thursday and Friday), it is popular with wealthy Iranians from north Tehran, although it is seldom frequented during the week.

Because of its high altitude, the ski season in Dizin lasts longer than in most European ski resorts (from December to May). The air is considerably dryer than in many European resorts, resulting in great powder. Because of the great number of sunny days, it is an ideal location for ski vacations.

Ski Resort

The resort is presently run by “Raika,” an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-owned corporation.

Hotels, chalets, restaurants, villas, and private residences are among the Dizin ski facilities. Every year, thousands of people visit the Dizin ski resort. Other amenities include tennis courts, mountain climbing, and mountain riding. Ski teaching classes are available.

The resort is open all year and offers a variety of activities in the winter and summer.

Ski Area

The ski area has four gondolas, three chairlifts, and nine surface lifts. The resort’s lowest point is 2650m, while its highest point is 3600m (11,811 feet above the sea level).

Dizin is Iran’s first ski and winter sport resort to be officially recognized and awarded the status by the International Ski Federation for its capacity to organize official and international events. It received its official title due to its unique physical and technical characteristics, such as the course slope, length of the course, and location of the events and races, as well as amenities and other recreational facilities.



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