Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel To Senegal

AfricaSenegalHow To Travel To Senegal

By plane

Delta Air Lines travels to Dakar on the majority of its US-Africa routes; the flight time from Atlanta and JFK airport is about 8 hours. In little over 7 hours, South African Airways flies straight from New York and Washington-Dulles (8.5 on the return trip). Brussels Carriers (Brussels), Air Senegal International (Paris-Orly), Air France (Paris-CDG), Alitalia (Milan), Royal Air Maroc (Casablanca), Iberia (Madrid, Gran Canaria), TAP (Lisbon), and more airlines fly across Europe (5.5 to 6 hours). Virgin Nigeria (Lagos), Kenya Airways (Nairobi), Air Ivoire (Abidjan), and others operate flights from different regions of Africa.

By car

Getting into Senegal by vehicle is feasible, although it is a little tricky. Senegal bans the entry of vehicles older than eight years, but if you are only staying for a short time and promise to remove your car out of the nation, you should (eventually) be permitted to enter, but this cannot be guaranteed.

According to Senegal’s customs, vehicles older than five years have been permitted to be imported again since 2008.

By train

As of 2012, a railway between Dakar and Bamako, Mali, has fallen into disrepair and is no longer operational. In the 2000s, the line was repaired (albeit most of it was original track from about 1918) and operated using secondhand carriages/locomotives from India, but service became irregular by the end of the decade, and the operator went bankrupt. For both passengers and cargo, the trains exclusively operate inside Dakar to the suburbs.