Saturday, September 18, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Namibia

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Oshiwambo, Herrero, Nama, Damara, different San languages, and Silozi are among the most important Indigenous languages.

The official language is English, which is widely spoken. However, since the majority of older Namibians (those educated before to independence) know English solely as a third language, the quality is very low. Because English was introduced as a medium of instruction sooner in the north than in the south, it is more commonly spoken. In the south, older Namibians are more likely to speak Afrikaans or German.

Many people speak Afrikaans, and it is the first language of both Coloreds and Afrikaners. The surviving English families speak English as their primary language, whereas German is spoken by Namibians of German ancestry, who prefer to live in Windhoek, Swakopmund, and other farms spread across the nation. German is also one of the most important business languages. Immigrants from Angola speak Portuguese.