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Liberia’s capital city, Monrovia, is located in West Africa. Monrovia had a population of 1,010,970 people and was located on the Atlantic Coast near Cape Mesurado. Monrovia is Liberia’s most populated city, accounting for 29% of the country’s overall population.

Liberia’s cultural, political, and financial center is Monrovia. The Monrovia City Corporation is the entity in charge of the governance of the Greater Monrovia District.

Monrovia was the first permanent Black American town in Africa, founded on April 25, 1822. Monrovia’s economy is largely defined by its harbor and its status as the seat of Liberia’s government. It is one of the poorest cities in the planet.

The Liberian National Museum, the Masonic Temple, the Waterside Market, and various beaches are among Monrovia’s attractions. Sports venues Antoinette Tubman Stadium and Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex are also located in the city. With 40,000 seats, the Samuel K. Doe Arena is one of Africa’s biggest stadiums.

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Monrovia | Introduction

Monrovia – Info Card

POPULATION :  City: / Metro: 1,010,970
FOUNDED :   April 25, 1822
LANGUAGE :  English 20% (official), some 20 ethnic group languages
RELIGION :  Christian 40%, Muslim 20%, indigenous beliefs 40%
COORDINATES :  6°18′48″N 10°48′5″W
SEX RATIO :  Male: 45.40%
 Female: 54.60%
ETHNIC :  indigenous African 95% (Kpelle, Bassa, Gio, Kru, Grebo, Mano, Krahn, Gola, Gbandi), Americo-Liberians 2.5%, Congo People 2.5%

Climate of Monrovia

Monrovia features a tropical monsoon climate.

Monrovia averages 5,100 mm (200 in) of rain per year. In fact, Monrovia is the wettest capital city, receiving more annual precipitation on average, than any other capital in the world.

The climate features a wet season and a dry season, but precipitation is seen even during the dry season. Temperatures remain constant throughout the year averaging around 26 °C (79 °F).

Geography of Monrovia

Monrovia is located on the peninsula of Cape Mesurado, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mesurado River, the mouth of which provides a vast natural port. The Saint Paul River runs straight north of the city and serves as the northern border of Bushrod Island, which may be accessed by the “New Bridge” in downtown Monrovia. Monrovia is situated at 6°19′N 10°48′W, or 6°19′N 10°48′W. Liberia’s major city and administrative, commercial, and financial hub is Monrovia.

Montserrado County is home to the city. Bensonville, a little town, is really the county seat of Montserrado County.

Economy of Monrovia

Monrovia’s economy is driven by its seaport – the Monrovia Freeport – and by its role as Liberia’s administrative capital. Monrovia’s seaport was greatly extended during World War II by US soldiers, and the city’s primary exports are latex and iron ore.

Additionally, materials such as cement, refined petroleum, food goods, bricks and tiles, furniture, and chemicals are created on-site. The port, which is located on Bushrod Island between the Mesurado and Saint Paul rivers’ mouths, also has facilities for storing and repairing boats.

How To Travel To Monrovia

A flight from Brussels, Belgium, is provided by Brussels Airlines. Royal Air Maroc flies from Monrovia to Casablanca. There are links to Europe and North America from there.

A dozen airlines flew into Monrovia prior to the 2014 Ebola epidemic. The flight from Brussels used to stop at Accra, Ghana, or Dakar, Senegal. Air France was flying from Paris to Conakry. Delta Air Lines began a weekly trip from Atlanta to Monrovia via Accra in 2010. There were other connections from the African continent to Ethiopian Airlines’ Addis Ababa hub, Kenya Airways’ Nairobi hub, and Arik Air’s Lagos, Nigeria hub through Accra. Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways both had good connectivity to other African and Middle Eastern destinations.

How To Get Around In Monrovia

Cabs are abundant and reasonably priced, however there have been reports of thefts and pickpocketing in taxis. If you must take a cab, do not use a shared taxi; instead, rent a private taxi for yourself.

Prices In Monrovia


Milk 1 liter $ 2.60
Tomatoes 1 kg $
Cheese 0.5 kg $ 11.00
Apples 1 kg $ 3.90
Oranges 1 kg $ 3.00
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $ 1.40
Bottle of Wine 1 bottle $ 10.00
Coca-Cola 2 liters $ 2.70
Bread 1 piece $ 1.10
Water 1.5 l $ 2.00


Dinner (Low-range) for 2 $ 17.00
Dinner (Mid-range) for 2 $ 30.00
Dinner (High-range) for 2 $
Mac Meal or similar 1 meal $ 9.00
Water 0.33 l $ 1.30
Cappuccino 1 cup $ 3.30
Beer (Imported) 0.33 l $ 3.00
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $ 2.00
Coca-Cola 0.33 l $ 2.00
Coctail drink 1 drink $


Cinema 2 tickets $ 5.00
Gym 1 month $ 40.00
Men’s Haircut 1 haircut $
Theatar 2 tickets $
Mobile (prepaid) 1 min. $ 0.47
Pack of Marlboro 1 pack $ 1.10


Antibiotics 1 pack $ 3.40
Tampons 32 pieces $ 2.70
Deodorant 50 ml. $ 3.20
Shampoo 400 ml. $ 4.20
Toilet paper 4 rolls $ 2.10
Toothpaste 1 tube $ 2.20

Sights & Landmarks In Monrovia

  • National Museum of Liberia. Cultural artifacts and historical relics illustrating Liberia’s legacy are housed here. It is currently attempting to reclaim stolen items that were plundered during the protracted civil war. Exhibits about the civil war are also available.
  • Ducor Hotel. A previous luxury hotel that has been abandoned and is now inhabited by squatters.
  • The Waterside Market
  • The Blo Degbo—a rock formation fashioned like a human face.

Food & Restaurants In Monrovia

Overall, the dining choices in Monrovia are rather decent. Anything other than Lebanese and Liberian food is usually pricey, however there are a few affordable options.


Excellent Moroccan cuisine at the top of Broad Street. Again, quite costly, but delicious tagines (the chicken with raisins is particularly good.)


On Center Street, there’s a great lunch restaurant. Excellent falafel and Lebanese sandwiches. +1 (231) 656 3333

Golden Beach Restaurant & Bar

2nd Street (Sinkor region),   +231 6-821-717. The head chef of Chez Christophe in San Francisco, CA, owns an American-owned Continental restaurant that serves seafood, pizza, and superb French cuisine. Enjoy your supper on the beach with personalized seating. French onion soup, filet mignon with mushroom sauce, lobster tails, pan fried fish with creamy bell pepper sauce, and thin crust pizza are all excellent choices. This is the only restaurant that is right on the beach. Because of the enormous number of security officers stationed here to safeguard clients, this is the most favored location for United Nations employees.

Great Wall

On Tubman Boulevard, there’s some quite nice genuine Chinese cuisine. In the front room, there is hot pot (shabu shabu). Karaoke parties may be held in the back room.

Le Griot Cafe

Opposite the American Embassy is an outdoor bar/restaurant that serves a daily African special as well as a Sunday brunch that includes everything from African dishes to a Southern Creole buffet. Wireless internet is available in the Friday Happy Hour Grill Bar. +231 7 155 242 or +231 6 815 242 for cell phones

Jamal’s Boulevard Cafe

On Tubman Boulevard and Sinkor, there is a very reasonably priced restaurant that provides pizza/Lebanese/International food. Saturday happy hour includes a live Liberian band. There is pizza delivery available. +231 77969969 cell

The Living Room (Royal Hotel Sushi Restaurant)

Sinkor is located on Tubman Boulevard between 14th and 15th Streets. Expensive, particularly for lousy sushi. The ambiance is quite pleasant and elegant; you could nearly be in New York. Almost. The Royal Hotel also includes a Western/Lebanese restaurant with a tasty chicken burger. Pirate (seafood) soup is also tasty.

Mamba Point Hotel

+231 6-477-477. The city’s second sushi restaurant; the cuisine is similar to that found at the Royal.

Dona Maria

Tubman Blvd at 15th St., land side,   +231 6-439-439.A wonderful small ice cream parlor/pizza/sandwich business with reasonable prices.

P.A.’s Rib House

Near Spriggs-Payne Airfield,   +231 77-766-555, +231 6-899-998, +231 6-599-322. American-style grilled ribs that are very tasty. Service is sluggish, as it is in most Monrovia eateries, and things on the menu are not always available.

Ro-zi’s – N’yla Café

+231 5-516-500. Bestman Road in Airfield, Sinkor, Liberian fusion restaurant – you’ll notice signage guiding the way off of Tubman Blvd. and Old Road. Excellent food with a wonderful “New York City meets West Africa” theme. In addition, it caters and delivers.

Sajj House Restaurant

Tubman Blvd, Sinkor (at 18th St.),   (231) 7255.A venerable Lebanese restaurant offering outside eating, a large screen TV, and wi-fi internet, as well as a diverse cuisine. Cell phone number is “SAJJ” (7255)


Indian cuisine on 5th Street (beach side) and Tubman Boulevard. Excellent Baigan Bharta (eggplant). On Thursday evenings, it’s the location of an expat trivia game.

B First

13th St., Sinkor (Beach side). Sinkor has an excellent and reasonably priced Bangladeshi restaurant.


The water’s edge (between Glamour and the garage). Excellent setting with a view of the lake, very inexpensive meals, and a large selection of drinks.

Shopping In Monrovia

Afropolitan. Clothing, home décor, jewelry, and other goods, both ready-made and custom-made. Men, women, and children are all welcome. Benson Avenue (at intersection of Newport Street). Phone number: 00-231-886-87-3334.

Ranzeno. Men’s apparel of high quality. Phone: 00-231-6-530-799 Benson Avenue (Between Randall and Gurley Streets).

The Very Best Jewelry. For upscale African-inspired jewelry. Sinkhor, 15th Street and Tubman Boulevard, 00-231-6-513-578.

Angels in miniature. Clothing and supplies for children. Phone: 00-231-6-699-699. Randall Street, just across from Computech.

Jewelry from Rima’s Fashions. Phone: 00-231-6-239-001 Randall’s Island.

Fashion House Sorayah Laurice Tailored tailoring and interior design. Phone: 00-231-0-82-78-49 Road to Camp Johnson.

Electronics LIB. Electronics in general. 195 Broad Street, Tel: 00-231-6-530-057. Aretha. Fashion and accessories for women. Phone: 00-231-6-517-945 Streets Gurley and Benson

Unboxed. Shoes for women. Phone: 00-231-6-698-005. Broad St.

The Touba Art Center. Arts and crafts from the past. Phone: 00-231-6-373-939 On Mambo Point, next to the Cape Hotel.

Picasso. Art. Randall Street. Tel: 00-231-7-7006-666.

Arts & crafts in fuschia. 00-231-6-446-688. Randall Street, just across from Stop & Shop.


The finest produce (salad, veggies, herbs, fruit, squash, and so on) may be found on Benson St., near Newport St. Outside the mosque, you can buy raw honey (you’ll need to strain it).

On Somalia Drive, near the port, there is an amazing strip of butchers where they kill and sell fresh cow, goat, and sheep meat. Meat from these butchers is sold in a butcher shop on Benson St. in town (freshest Wednesday/Saturday).

Fresh fish is sold at Sinkor on the beach side of Tubman Blvd, just before the Vavoma building (where Sinkor becomes Congo Town). Alternatively, Moses may be reached at 06368158.

There are a number of supermarkets that offer imported items (mostly American, Lebanese, and some Western European).

  • The largest of the group is Abi Jaoudi (Randall Street). It has a respectable bakery, deli, fish and meat counters, and so on. Produce is often costly and unappealing. Now officially Harbel’s.
  • Stop ‘n’ Shop (Randall Street) is tiny and congested, but it offers a reasonable selection of goods. Specialty products are sometimes imported (i.e., strawberries.)
  • Monoprix (Benson Street) is conveniently placed directly next to the town’s excellent outdoor food market.
  • Greenland (Tubman Boulevard). It’s small and gloomy, but it’s the only one open on Sundays (from about 8AM to noon). Produce that is overpriced (but handy) is displayed in front.
  • UN Drive Supermarket (Tubman Boulevard, between 15th and 16th Streets). A excellent selection of foreign products.
  • Exclusive Supermarket (Tubman Boulevard at 19th Street in Sinkor). A well-stocked supermarket with a wide range of imported items of international quality. A fantastic selection of spices and Indian pulses. One of the few places to get whole wheat flour. Western cereals, energy drinks, and a large selection of wine are available. There is a little bakery where you can get sandwiches and Indian cuisine to go.
  • Exclusive Supermarket (Second location in town on Center St. at Carey St.). Although not as vast as its Sinkor cousin, it does have a substantial housewares area and fair pricing.

Stay Safe & Healthy In Monrovia

Liberia saw an epidemic of the sometimes lethal and usually incurable Ebola viral hemorrhagic fever in March 2014. Flights into Monrovia were severely restricted. While Brussels Airlines and Royal Air Maroc continued to fly, total Monrovia arrivals dropped from 27 to six flights per week at one point, with arriving passengers subject to medical inspection and precautions and the few remaining aircraft flying mostly empty except for aid workers, UN personnel, and media.

The epidemic has subsequently been suppressed, and no new cases have been recorded as of mid-2015. Expect to see more medical precautions in the area for the foreseeable future.



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