Saturday, September 18, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Eritrea

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Stay Safe in Eritrea

Keep an eye out for bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. Bicycling accidents are frequent because people do not check while crossing roadways. However, Eritrea is generally secure, and you may wander about at night and anyplace in the cities without fear of being robbed. Children may beg violently at times, but if you are firm with them, they will generally leave you alone.

It is very hazardous to go near the borders of any nation bordering Eritrea, and it should be avoided. Due to the hazardous circumstances, the towns of Teseney, Barentu, and Assab should also be avoided. Tensions between neighboring nations remain high, and violence may erupt at any moment.

Stay Healthy in Eritrea

Drink only bottled water and make sure the lid is securely closed before drinking tap water. Take extreme caution when it comes to what you consume. Here, a lot of people become ill. Foreigners will be treated in a Jordanian UN hospital. Hospitals in the area are understaffed. If you come here, stay healthy. Uncooked foods and non-bottled beverages should be avoided.

Adults with HIV/AIDS account for more than 0.8 percent of the population.

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