Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Suriname

South AmericaSurinameHow To Travel Around Suriname

Because there are few visitors in Suriname and the countryside is difficult to access, travel costs are greater than you would anticipate. Tourist attractions may be more costly than in Europe or the US. This is anticipated to change in the near future, since there is an annual rise in international visitors, necessitating the development of improved roads and other modes of transportation.

By car

Hire a car if you’re not going far inland, but on dirt roads, always rent a four-wheel drive vehicle. The rental firm will inquire as to your destination. Some companies won’t let you travel into the forest in your vehicle unless you hire an SUV.

  • Traffic in Suriname is on the left side of the road.
  • There are a number of speed bumps with the word drempel written on them. These may be extremely high, forcing you to slow down to almost nothing. At the entrance and exit of neighborhoods and intersections, most bumps are built as twins.
  • The majority of roadways lack traffic lines.
  • Although there are few bridges, those ones you do come across may be in poor shape. Slow down as you drive. If you plan on driving to Jodensavanne, bear in mind that the Carolina bridge across the Suriname River is blocked due to a partial collapse. There is a car ferry that can accommodate approximately six cars.
  • There are lots of petrol stations, but if you leave the paved roads, you’ll need to top up your tank.

By boat

You may rent a boat at a reasonable price at any riverside. Traveling with a tour guide is usually a good idea.

By air

Two local aircraft provide private connections to the inner city. Gumair and Bluewing Airlines.