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Sun Valley

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Sun Valley is a ski resort located in central Idaho’s Blaine County. Sun Valley (at the Lodge) is located at a height of 5,920 feet (1,805 m) above sea level. Friedman Memorial Airport in Hailey, roughly 15 miles (25 kilometers) south, serves the region.

When you go inside the Sun Valley Lodge and look at the portraits of dignitaries and celebrity guests, it’s difficult not to feel as if you’re in a black-and-white film. It is the cradle of the contemporary ski resort, harkening back to the sport’s golden period. Combine mild weather, a lack of people, and a mountain that boasts the most constant pitch in the United States, and you have an intermediate skier’s dream. Sun Valley, America’s oldest purpose-built ski resort, evokes memories of a period when Hollywood stars, authors, socialites, and European royalty were enticed here to ski and play. The Sun Valley Lodge debuted for the first winter season on December 23, 1936, replete with the world’s first chairlift.

Sun Valley, a short shuttle ride from Bald Mountain, is home to the Sun Valley Lodge, Sun Valley Inn, and Sun Valley Opera House. At the foot of the mountain, the hamlet of Ketchum offers an excellent Old West contrast to the opulence of the Sun Valley village’s hotels.

The phrase “Sun Valley” is used by skiers to refer to the alpine ski region, which consists of Bald Mountain, the primary ski mountain near to Ketchum, and Dollar Mountain, a beginner and lower intermediate ski mountain adjacent to Sun Valley. Bald Mountain, or “Baldy,” reaches a peak elevation of 9,150 feet (2,790 m) and has a 3,400-foot vertical plunge (1,035 m). Baldy has often been regarded to as one of the best ski mountains in the world due to its availability of constant-pitch terrain of varied degrees of difficulty, along with its significant vertical drop and lack of wind.

Sun Valley info card

Resort Altitude5750m
Highest Lift9150m
Longest Run5km
Total Lifts18
Gondolas/Cable cars1
Drag Lifts3
Snow Parks1

Terrain for Skiing and Snowboarding

The resort has grown to become one of the most popular ski resorts in America, with thousands of visitors each year. There are several good amenities on-site, and guests can look forward to delectable food and beverages in the numerous pubs and restaurants.

Perhaps Sun Valley’s most distinguishing feature is its excellent blend of beginner and expert runs, which makes it an ideal destination for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities.

Two separate ski mountains exist. Bald Mountain, or “Baldy” as it is affectionately known, has a variety of terrain and is considered Sun Valley’s primary ski area. It boasts a contemporary lift system with 19 chairlifts, seven of which are quads, and an excellent trail system. With a vertical of 1,036 metres, there are an infinite number of large broad cruisers. There are also numerous of slopes for expert skiers, including excellent backcountry powderhound terrain on the mountain’s back face, which is easily accessible from the lifts.

Dollar Mountain is the secondary skiing and snowboarding slope, a treeless beginners’ area with a tubing park.


Bald Mountain is accessible from both River Run and Warm Springs. During the winter, on each side of the mountain, nicely fitted day lodges, a total of 13 lifts, the Roundhouse Gondola, and 65 diverse routes await. Bald Mountain’s apparently unending runs span 2,054 acres to the Sawtooth National Forest’s boundary and continue upward for another 3,400 feet. The world-famous mountain is available to sightseers and explorers throughout the summer, whether you’re looking for a leisurely day among the wildflowers or a strenuous excursion through Idaho’s rugged majesty. Baldy, as the mountain is popularly known, has over 28 miles of hiking and bike routes. You are welcome to hike the paths yourself or with one of our professional guides who will point out all the details that make the Bald Mountain experience so special. Run of the River The River Run portion of Bald Mountain is densely forested with slopes suitable for skiers of all levels. Olympic and Exhibition are the most demanding routes, while Olympic Ridge and Olympic Lane are the easiest. Intermediate skiers may return to the River Run Lift via Cutoff or Blue Grouse. It’s a nine-minute lift journey back to the top from there. Advanced skiers may test their mettle on the Rock Garden, Exhibition, or Upper Holiday slopes, which have an abundance of moguls. Ridge of Seattle Seattle Ridge Lodge has panoramic views of all routes classified as slow skiing zones, excluding the steep Firetrail. The Seattle Ridge lines are well groomed and are serviced by the Seattle Ridge chairlift, a five-minute ride from the ridge’s base to the summit. Bowls The Bowls that run up the summit of Bald Mountain vary in difficulty from the simplest (Broadway Face) to the most difficult (Bald Mountain Bowl) (Little Easter Bowl). Intermediate skiers should begin on the left side of the mountain and work their way to the right as they gain confidence. The Bowls are readily accessible through the Mayday chairlift, which takes seven minutes to reach the summit. Affluent Springs Warm Springs, named after the warm bubbling springs at the lift’s foot, is an excellent region of the mountain for intermediate skiers who want a little more time before progressing to the advanced level. Warm Springs, with its more demanding courses, shines in the afternoon sunlight. Warm Springs Face and the area’s most demanding routes, International and Limelight, are located at the area’s apex. Halfway down, skiers may choose from a variety of more challenging courses, ranging from Brick’s Island to Cozy. Pipe in half The ski and snowboard half-pipe is situated below Race Arena on the skier’s left side of Lower Warm Springs. The u-shaped terrain features are about 425 feet long, 40 feet broad, and have walls that are around 18 feet high.


Dollar Mountain, dubbed “the world’s greatest teaching mountain,” accommodates novices with ten routes and 628 feet of helpful, caring vertical increase. Its day lodge is home to a cafeteria-style restaurant and the Sun Valley Ski and Snowboarding School, which is world-famous. Over 200 qualified instructors are on hand to help you improve your alpine, snowboarder, or racing abilities. Whether an expert or a beginner, Sun Valley visitors have practically endless opportunities for superb skiing. Dollar Mountain is a welcoming, warm, and sun-drenched mountain that welcomes the “never-evers.” Combining treeless terrain and teachers who specialize in making the first steps on skis or snowboards effortless, the novice is assured of a positive experience. Baldy will debut thrilling themed adventure paths and 30 acres of glade skiing this season. Sun Valley’s Terrain Park will be enhanced with the addition of twenty additional rails and a halfpipe on Dollar.

Sun Valley’s snow conditions

Sun Valley’s season extends from December to April, and the snow covering is superb, while the valley’s incredible sunlight contributes to the fantastic ambience.

Sun Valley Skiing

Between the two mountains, there are about 3,400 vertical feet and over 2000 acres of land. Additionally, skiers may enjoy 30 acres of glade skiing and snowboarding terrain, as well as a terrain park with 76 rails and a massive superpipe.

The Red Tail Hawk trails are maybe the most well-known routes in Sun Valley. These go through forested regions and give an excellent challenge for intermediate skiers wishing to take their skiing to the next level.

Sun Valley après-ski, restaurants, and other activities

Sun Valley is teeming with amazing pubs and restaurants, such the Evergreen Bistro and the Pioneer Saloon, which all provide superb food and drink while overlooking spectacular vistas.

Grumpy’s is a terrific choice for a lively night and provides some delicious beverages at reasonable pricing, while the Cellar Pub is another popular spot for guests eager to let their hair down after a day on the slopes.

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