Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Dominica

North AmericaDominicaFood & Drinks in Dominica

Freshly squeezed grapefruit is ubiquitous and a perfect accompaniment to any meal. Coconut water is cheap and readily available by the roadside. Another local speciality is sorrel. This refreshing red drink is made from the flowers of a type of hibiscus that is also found in Jamaica. The most popular local beer is Kubuli. Ask your hotel to arrange a tour of the brewery.

There are many fruit juice vendors in Roseau. Almost without exception, they are unpasteurised fruit juices with added water and sugar. The water supplied is usually chlorinated tap water. A fruit juice vendor named Pal sells his juice near where the bus leaves for Portsmouth. Pal is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable fruit sellers on the island. He sometimes has juice from rare fruits.

Quenchi is a local soft drink that comes in many different flavours. It can be found in every village (with diet varieties in Roseau IGA).

Sorrel, known as a Christmas drink because of its red colour (and because it only flowers at Christmas), is made from boiled flowers. It tastes divine.

Avocado pear juice can be bought in some small cafés and is certainly worth a try. Other flavours include soursop, passion fruit, grapefruit, orange, lime and beetroot.

The coffee is generally not very good, as most people seem to prefer tea and fruit juice, with a few exceptions. There are also some coffee shops in the larger towns.