Friday, September 10, 2021

Internet & Communications in Syria

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Syria offers simple and inexpensive internet connection. Internet cafés are extremely prevalent across cities. Although Facebook and YouTube have just been restored, certain websites, such as specific news sites, remain banned. The cafés are extremely welcoming, but to prevent getting overcharged, ask a local how much the internet costs per hour before agreeing to sit down. It is typically SYP50 per hour (USD1), however it may range from SYP50 to SYP100 per hour (USD2). It is advisable to avoid political discussions over the Syrian government, as well as reading Israeli publications or websites on the internet.

The cost of high-speed Internet connection varies greatly. As of November 2007, Aleppo’s Concord internet café charged a high SYP100 per hour, while the usual cost in Hama seemed to be SYP75 per hour, and in Damascus the price fell to about 50 S.P per hour (less if you pay for several hours in advance). Many years ago, power net in Latakia charged just SYP20.