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Stay Safe & Healthy in Lebanon

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Stay Safe in Lebanon

The overwhelming majority of Lebanese people are pleasant, and most visitors have no issues. However, tensions with Israel may flare up (albeit they are generally limited to South Lebanon), so visitors should keep an eye on the independent press while in the country.

When visiting specific places, it is advisable to be accompanied, as it is in any nation. In general, Palestinian refugee camps and Israeli borders should be avoided.

Some parts of Lebanon, such as Erssal or Aarsal in the Northern Bekaa, are notorious for kidnapping expatriates and holding them for ransom.

Visitors should always register with their respective embassies once they arrive in Lebanon and stay informed about any travel advisories.

Useful phone numbers:

  • Police: 112 or 911 or 999 (it is common that if you call them for small-scale infractions e.g. pick-pocketing or sexual harassment they will not come).
  • Fire brigade: 175 (metropolitan Beirut only)
  • Civil defense: 125 (outside Beirut)
  • The Red Cross (Medic Response): 140
  • Information: 1515

Stay Healthy in Lebanon

Lebanon has a professional and private healthcare system, making it a popular destination for health tourism in the area. The following hospitals are located mostly in Beirut:

  • AUH (American University Hospital), Hamra area: +961-1-344704.
  • RHUH (Rafic Hariri University Hospital), Bir Hassan area: +961-1-830000.
  • Hotel Dieu de France, Ashrafieh area: +961-1-386791.
  • Rizik Hospital, Ashrafieh area: +961-1-200800.
  • Mont Liban Hospital, Hazmieh area: +961-1-955444.
  • Sacré Coeur Hospital, Hazmieh area: +961-1-451704.
  • Saint George Hospital, Ashrafieh area: +961-1-441000.
  • Tel Shiha – Zahle, Beqaa
  • Nini Hospital – Tripoli, North Lebanon: +961-6-431400.
  • Hopital Albert Haykel – Koura, North Lebanon: +961-6-411111.
  • Sahel Hospital – Airport Ave Area: +961-1-858333
  • Jabal Amel Hospital – Jal Al Baher Area, Tyre: +961-7-740343, 07-740198, 07-343852, 03-280580
  • Labib Medical Center – Abou Zahr Street, Sidon Area: +961-7-723444, 07-750715/6
  • Bahman Hospital – Beirut, Haret Hreik Area: +961-1-544000 or 961-3-544000

It is essential that you get travel insurance before departing for Lebanon. Hospitals in the nation may be extremely costly, and cash payments may be required in advance due to the absence of insurance.

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