Saturday, September 18, 2021

Visa & Passport Requirements for Libya

AfricaLibyaVisa & Passport Requirements for Libya
Visa restrictions
Entry will be refused to citizens of Israel and to those who show stamps and/or visas from Israel.

All nations, with the exception of Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey, need passports and visas to enter Libya. Those with passports that list Israel as a destination will be denied entry.

Libyan immigration regulations change often and without notice. A certified Arabic translation of your passport’s biological data page is required for getting a visa and entering the country, according to the US State Department. Libyan authorities no longer need an Arabic translation of the ID page as of December 2010.

The assignment of diplomatic representation outside Libya has been somewhat muddled as a result of the turmoil in Libya in 2011. If travel paperwork to visit Libya must be obtained through a Libyan Embassy or Consulate, it is important to pay close attention to the current status of the foreign mission and its designated officials.

Although it is again allowed for Americans to go to Libya, obtaining visas for US residents remains challenging. Visa applications are now being accepted at the Libyan Embassy in Washington, DC, but you will require a letter of invitation from a Libyan sponsor who will apply for you in Libya. Unless the applicant is part of a tour or applying on behalf of a Libyan tour operator, tourist visas are often denied at all embassies. If you are an American, contact the Libyan Embassy in Washington, DC for further information. [www] A visitor will require US$400 (as a bare minimum) in a convertible currency, according to the Libyan Embassy in Washington, DC, USA, with the following exceptions:

  1. Tourists that arrive in a group as part of a package organized by travel and tourism bureaus, organizations, or businesses that covers their living costs while they are there.
  2. Those who are on official missions and have entrance visas
  3. Those who have student visas with the Libyan government covering their costs.
  4. Those who want to join a Libyan resident on the condition that the latter gives a stipend to pay the costs of the guest’s lodging, medical care, and other necessities.