Saturday, October 16, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Dominica

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Stay Safe in Dominica

  • Dominica is one of the safest places to travel in the region.
  • There are no snakes or poisonous insects on Dominica.

Take the usual safety precautions when travelling in Dominica. Although rare, petty crime tends to occur around Roseau. Elsewhere, the island is extremely safe. [www]

Stay Healthy in Dominica

The tap water is safe to drink, but as it is sometimes taken directly from Dominica’s many rivers, it tends to turn brown after heavy rains. It is best to drink the bottled water available almost everywhere.

Primary health care is provided at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau.

North Americans moving to Dominica often experience boils and fungus on fingernails and toenails for the first time. Stomach problems are rare among travellers.

Cities are regularly sprayed with insecticides to control the mosquitoes that spread dengue fever. However, spraying may not take place at the scheduled time and the pesticides may drift into your home when the windows are open.

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