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Kemer is a city in the Turkish province of Lycia.

Kemer is a coastal city with several beaches as well as nearby mountains (up to 2200m in height). Surrounded by huge resort hotels on both the northern and southern sides, this city is a popular package vacation destination for Russians as well as Western and Northern Europeans, and it is one of the few cities in Turkey with a welcome sign in Russian (in addition to the usual Turkish, English, German, etc).

Tourism in Kemer

One of Kemer’s main draws is its natural beauty, which combines the sea, mountains, and pine forest. From Beldibi to Tekirova, the coast is made up of unspoiled beaches in a variety of coves, the most of which are stoney rather than sandy. With convenient transit, effective communication, and other municipal services Kemer has a large proportion of the Antalya region’s hotel bed capacity and is a comfortable and peaceful holiday coast with an internationally recognized reputation, attracting large numbers of visitors from countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and, in recent years, primarily Russian families. Many guests come as part of low-cost all-inclusive package offers, yet tourism remains the local economy’s basis. Because there are so many tourists, most businesses in Kemer are set up to sell products like leather coats to foreign guests and accept both the euro and Turkish lira.

Kemer’s 320-berth marina has various restaurants for visitors and is a popular wintering spot for liveaboard sailors from the United States, England, and much of Europe.

Kemer’s tourist attractions include the Göynük (Goynuk) Canyon, Ulupnar, Olympos, Chimaera, Phaselis, Three Islands, and Eco Park.

Kemer is a lively town with clubs, pubs, and restaurants, as well as blue flag beaches and a 320-slip yacht harbor. Beldibi, Kiriş, Çayova, Aslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Çamyuva, Göynük, and Çıralı are also popular beach settlements.

Art exhibits in Phaselis, boat races, the WRC (World Rally Championship), the Turkey Offshore Championship, the Turkey Motocross Championship, the Phaselis Art Festival, and the Kemer Carnival are all annual activities in the region. Tarkan and DJ Tiesto, two international music artists and DJs, perform on this shore throughout the summer.

The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey (Turkish: Cumhurbaşkanlığı Bisiklet Turu) is a spring professional road bicycle racing stage competition.

In recent years, an increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts have visited Kemer to walk the Lycian Way and mountainbike.



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