Friday, September 10, 2021

Internet & Communications in East Timor

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Timor Telecom has a monopoly on landline and mobile phone services in East Timor and charges accordingly; international calls into East Timor may cost up to US$3/minute. Calls outside the nation are much cheaper, with average rates of 40 cents per minute to Australia, Indonesia, Portugal, and the United States.

On arrival, it is suggested that you purchase a local pre-paid phone for US$10 (which includes the phone, charger, sim card, and US$3 credit) at any Timor-Telecom shop (there is one in Landmark Plaza on way into town from the airport). Prepaid SIM cards in the country may be purchased for about US$3. Please keep in mind that, although international phones operate in East Timor, global roaming costs are extremely high, therefore purchasing a modest phone package, even for a short stay, is recommended.

The National Numbering Plan (NNP) was modified on July 31, 2012, and all mobile phone numbers now need an extra ‘7’ to be added to the front of the number, making a total of eight digits. Land lines have not changed.

Emergency numbers

  • UNPOL Emergency (Police Emergency):  112 or 7723 0635
  • SOS Emergency Medivac:  +61 2 93722468
  • Dili National Hospital:  3311008
  • Bombeiros Fire Rescue:  3312210 ext 203 / 3324019
  • Timor Ambulance:  7723 6662, 3311044
  • Dili National Ambulance, Emergency:  3310541


East Timor’s internet access is sluggish and restricted. Timor Telecom also has a monopoly in this area and attempts to ban voice-over-IP providers such as Skype.

Internet cafés may be found in Dili, Baucau, and a few other smaller towns; search for Timor Telecom shops.