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Sofia’s South Park

1407, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 1 year ago

South Park is a lushly verdant stretch of land nestled amid the capital city of Bulgaria’s most sophisticated neighborhoods. South Park has a total size of 1,48 km2.

This park’s proposal was approved and established in 1972. The project’s goal was to construct a park that functions as an extension of Vitosha Mountain. Visitors may see evidence of this all across the park, which includes a variety of terrain shapes, pristine woods, a spectacular view of the mountain from specifically built open spaces, multiple man-made lakes, and the park’s main gate meets the end of Vitosha Boulevard.

The park’s infrastructure is particularly accommodating to many types of outdoor activities, since there are several routes that are mostly well-lit at night, multiple playgrounds, a concert stage, and a considerable number of seats and gazebos. The harmony of natural and cultivated is what distinguishes the park. South Park is a popular location for extreme riding since the topography provides for a variety of trails and jumps. Walking around the park’s trails and alleyways, visitors will observe instructive signage about the many bird species that live in South Park, right next to wild ducks playing in a pond.

The park is vibrant all year, but particularly in the spring and summer. There are often many gathering there because the trees, fountains, and ponds give a fantastic place to escape the heat. There is a smorgasbord of little fast food and ice cream vendors, as well as restaurants, cafés, cotton candy booths, and even toys. The annual Flower for Gosho event is also held at South Park. It is a tribute performance devoted to one of Bulgaria’s most renowned rock artists, Georgi Minchev, and is held at the start of summer. There are usually inflatable slide castles, trampolines, bumper cars, and other attractions in one of the lanes near the stage. There is a train-like vehicle that leaves every hour and takes guests on tours around the park for a modest cost.

You can also rent bicycles and bicycle carts to explore the park.

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