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Boyana Waterfall

1616, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 1 year ago

With a height of 25 meters, the Boyana Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Bulgaria’s Vitosha mountain.

The Boyana Waterfall is produced by the waters of the Boyana River, which flows down the Vitosha mountain’s northern highlands. The waterfall’s base lies at an elevation of 1260 meters. The environment is well-preserved and unpolluted in this location. On clear days, the waterfall may even be seen from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital.

Due to its placement in a dark valley, the Boyana Waterfall freezes during the chilly winter days. By foot, but not by automobile, the waterfall is readily accessible. It is a significant natural feature in the vicinity of Sofia. The fastest way to the Boyana waterfall is to walk past the Kopitoto hotel, which takes around an hour.

To get to the waterfall, there are two trekking trails that you may follow from various sites. The first is in Sofia’s Boyana area, which is in the upper portion of the Bulgarian city. From there, hiking routes go up and left toward Boyana Lake, and up and right toward Boyana Waterfall. The path that goes around the lake is longer, but it is less steep. The road on the right is shorter, but steeper, and may get icy in the winter.

The second place to start a trek is Kopitoto, which is located at 1345 meters height in Vitosha mountain and is accessible by automobile. The Boyana Waterfall is a popular stopping point for many excursions heading to Cherni Vrah.

During the winter, when the waterfall freezes, it is utilized for alpine climbing.

Location of Boyana Waterfall

The Boyana waterfall, which is both beautiful and magnificent, is the biggest on Vitosha Mountain’s and the region’s area. It is situated 5 kilometers from the center of Boyana and stands at a height of 15 meters. In the spring, it is the most rushing and forceful. Sunshine shines across its rapid waters on bright days and may be seen from the National Palace of Culture in Sofia’s center. Within an hour’s walk over the Boyana River, you may reach the waterfall. In the winter, it is a popular destination for ice climbing enthusiasts.

Drive southwest from Sofia’s city center to route 1, which eventually leads to Vladaya. You must leave to the church of Boyana, a very lovely picturesque church, before joining route 1. Boyana waterfall trailhead is 100 meters behind the chapel. There is little parking and a modest waterfall sign. You may easily go to the Boyana church by taking bus 64.

Boyana waterfall is accessible through two paths, each of which takes 1h30 or 2h00 to complete. The route that remains to the right follows the river and leads to the waterfall the most directly. The distance is 4 kilometers, with some difficult sections.

You may also join one of various guided tours.

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