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Snail Home

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Bulevard Simeonovsko shose 187, 1434 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 4 months ago

Snail Home is five floors tall and painted with swirls of red, orange, green, blue, and brown. It is reported to have “no straight walls, corners, or edges.” The Snail House, which seems to be a childcare facility or a children’s museum, is really a residential area.

Simeon Simeonov, the Snail House’s architect, designed this rainbow snail house in an unconventional way. The snail, which has two tentacles on top of its head and curved windows on its sides, was cleverly created to make all of the building’s equipment seem to be part of its aesthetic.

The Snail House, for example, has an entrance painted to look like a slug’s mouth, requiring tenants to be “swallowed alive” before entering. Simeonov also replaced the snail’s traditional chimney with a large yellow bee on its back. The bee’s horns not only carry smoke, but they also serve as night lights and lightning arresters.

Even the eyeballs have a role in the Snail House. The air and gas in the home enter via the eyelids and escape through the snail’s large red eyes. Radiators at the Snail House are dressed up like frogs, ladybugs, and pumpkins.

However, maybe the most significant aspect of this massive escargot is its symbolic value for the preservation of the world. The Snail House is made completely of lightweight and environmentally friendly materials, making it very energy efficient.

The next time you’re in the Simeonovo area, stop by the Snail House, a weird structure that requires you to drive past at a snail’s speed to get a good look at it.

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