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Smokinia Beach

8130, Sozopol, Bulgaria

Smokinia beach is a great beach near the town of Sozopol, which is especially loved by camping enthusiasts.

You can rent a camper or set up your own tent. The water is very shallow and calm. The beach is arranged and organized.

There are several bars on the beach with good music and umbrellas and deck chairs can be rented. The beach has a lifeguard service.

The beach is very popular among young people, but families are also very happy to come. Water sports are represented. The beach is very popular.

Access to the beach is good. The beach can be reached by car. Near the beach there is a car park.

Main characteristics of the beach

* no promenade

* free entrance

* has beach facilities

* sandy

* has a rescue service

* suitable for young people and families

* not suitable for people with disabilities

* water sports are represented

* easy access

* has parking

* quite visited

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