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Slaveykov Square

Ploshtad Petko R. Slaveykov 6, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 2 years ago

Slaveykov Square is one of the most popular square in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city. It is named after the father and son Bulgarian poets Petko and Pencho Slaveykov. One of its prominent sights is a sculpture of the two seated on a bench.

At this vibrant city square, you may see monuments of cultural heroes, peruse the booths of a book market, and enjoy superb people-watching possibilities.

Slaveykov Square in Sofia is a lively public space that is ideal for people-watching, watching street performers, or reading a good book. Petko and Pencho Salveykov, famed Bulgarian father-and-son writers, inspired the square’s name. A bench with life-sized sculptures of the poets is located at the northern end of the plaza. Sit near the sculptures for a memorable snapshot of your trip in Sofia.

An open-air book market in the centre of the plaza sells ancient, secondhand, and new books. Look through the daily market for anything from fiction and nonfiction to travel guides, textbooks, and dictionaries. The majority of the things for sale are in Bulgarian, although books in English, French, and German are also available.

Aside from the market, Slaveykov Square is a great area to relax and observe residents and visitors at work. Examine the majestic structures that overlook the area and keep an eye out for the street entertainers who delight passers-by and market-goers. Watch an independent theatrical presentation in the little Municipal Theatre Vazrazhdane, located in the Sofia Library.

Slaveykov Square, located a few streets south of Sofia’s Gradska Gradina (City Garden), is readily accessible by public buses and trolleybus. It’s just a short walk from key city attractions including the beautiful Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Borisova Gradina (Boris Garden), one of the city’s most popular parks.

Following your visit to Slaveykov Square, you may like to discover more about the famed father-and-son poet pair at the House Museum of Petko and Pencho Slaveykov, located on neighboring Georgi S. Rakovski Street. Find things related to the poets’ lives and work, such as books, furniture, and paintings. Alternatively, pay a visit to the Peyu Yavorov Museum, which is housed in the old home of poet Peyu Yavorov and his wife. The square is less than a 5-minute walk from both museums.

History of Slaveykov Square

At 1515, a plaza named Kafene Başi was recorded for the first time in the contemporary location. There was a coffee shop, a mosque, and two Turkish police stations.

The plaza, which contained a fountain, was an important crossroads in the 17th century, reaching from contemporary Sveta Nedelya Square to Vitosha Boulevard.

Following Bulgaria’s independence, the plaza was expanded, and numerous one- and two-story buildings with gardens were built on the site, one of which belonged to Petko Slaveykov, after whom the square was named.

Slaveykov Square took on its contemporary aspect during the 1920s and 1930s, with five- to seven-story buildings incorporating a shop on the ground level. The Teachers’ Fund was one of the first notable structures to arise during this time period (1924). the French Institute (1928), and the Ministry of Public Works (1928). (1934).

After 1944, automotive traffic surrounding the plaza was steadily reduced, and it became a pedestrian zone.

Following 1990, the plaza became a popular location for bookstores, and several bookshops sprung up on it. This is most likely due to the location of the Sofia City Library in the plaza.

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