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‎Ethnographic Museum Nessebar‎

Ulitsa Mesembria 32, 8231 Nesebar, Bulgaria

Ethnographic Museum Nessebar‎ is housed in a National Revival-style home constructed in 1840 by a rich local businessman. It is a two-story home with a stone ground floor and a timber-framed residential second level with five rooms and a large central salon with a carved wooden ceiling and a large star-shaped rosette in the center. To the north are a kitchen, a bedroom, both with fireplaces, and a pantry. The two south-facing bedrooms lack fireplaces and were only used during the summer. Photographs and floor plans inside the salon depict the town’s magnificent architecture, including some of the most iconic Nessebar homes and the renowned windmills. Travelers and artists who visited Nessebar during the 17th and 19th centuries also left behind documents and pictures. In addition, the central salon has things representative of the metropolitan lifestyle of the historical period.

The south chamber displays the local population’s traditional skills and methods of subsistence, including fishing, viticulture, and winemaking. Here are presented fishing equipment, nets, and weights, as well as a selection of wine containers.

The larger chamber to the north exemplifies some of the local population’s true rituals and traditions, since its décor is designed to resemble a traditional Greek home. Here is an authentic icon from 1669 that formerly adorned a house icon-stand. This room also has a sewing machine, a bridal dress, a wedding book, and some vintage periodicals.

The smaller north chamber is devoted to the history and customs of Macedonian immigrants. Here is a recreation of the inside of the dwellings of Macedonian and Thracian immigrants, with a particular little circular table (sofra), three-legged stools, woven fabrics, carpets, as well as a hand spinning wheel (chekrak) and other instruments used by women for spinning. Traditional folk practices of the settlers, such as a collection of belt buckles, are also on display.

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