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Archaeological Museum Nessebar

Ulitsa Mesembria 2, 8231 Nesebar, Bulgaria

The initial location of the Nesebar Archaeological Museum was the Church of Saint John the Baptist in Nesebar, which opened in 1956. In 1994, the museum moved into a new building constructed by Hristo Koev. The museum exhibit features cultural artifacts from many eras of Nesebar’s history. It includes artifacts from six various cultures: Eneolithic, Thracian, Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Bulgarian. The collection spans three thousand years of the town’s history.

The quality of the Archaeological Museum’s collection provides an interesting look at the many eras of Nessebar’s evolution, despite the museum’s modest size. The permanent display “Nessebar Through the Centuries” walks you through the story of the city’s position at the crossroads of civilizations. There is much more to find if you delve deeper than the stunning gold jewelry, massive marble reliefs, sophisticated ceramics, and magnificent works of art on exhibit.

Stone anchors from the 12th century B.C. demonstrate the thriving marine industry of the period, while silver coins reveal the political and economic significance of the nearby Thracians. The significance of the Ancient Greek influence on Nessebar from the sixth to the second century B.C., as well as the significance of commerce, are shown by marble sculptures and bronze utensils. Arts and crafts thrived in Nessebar throughout the Bulgarian period, as shown by the museum’s collection of paintings and ceramics.

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