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Butamyata Beach (One part is FKK Beach)

Butamyata Beach, Sinemorets, Bulgaria

Butamyata Beach is one of the most expensive beaches with white sand, clear sea and untouched nature. It is located in Sinemorets.

Sinemorets is a small village in the extreme south of the country. It is a public and free beach. It is 400m long and 100m wide.

The beach is very visited. It is arranged and organized. There are several restaurants and parasols and deck chairs can be rented.

For many years, only families with children came here to spend their holidays in peace, but since a few years ago, young people have been coming here, so now the atmosphere here is extremely relaxed.

Water sports are represented. The beach is named after the small river Butamyata which flows into the sea at the southern end of the beach.

There are no special amenities here and one part of the beach is nudist. On the north and south sides the beach is surrounded by rocks and on the west by a dense forest.

Access to the beach is good. The beach can be reached by car. Near the beach there is a car park.

Main characteristics of the beach

* no promenade

* free entrance

* has beach facilities

* sandy

* has a rescue service

* suitable for young people and families

* not suitable for people with disabilities

* water sports are represented

* easy access

* has parking

* quite visited

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