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The Mound of Brotherhood

1164, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 2 years ago

The monument honors partisans who died fighting in Bulgarian operations during World War II. It is situated in Borisova Garden (Freedom Park during the country’s socialist era (1944-1989)), among the mortal remains of seventeen renowned resistance fighters and Bulgarian Communist Party members who were buried there in 1944.

Within the site, the remains of 17 partisan fighters (members of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the Workers’ Youth Union) who perished in the war against fascism were interred.

Two massive bronze statues depicting partisan warriors with weapons in hand stand at the foot of a 41-meter-high granite obelisk in the center of the monument. Reliefs on each side portray the Bulgarian people’s fight, the welcome extended to the Soviet Army, and the people’s delight on the day of the 9th September 1944 coup d’état.”

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