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Soul Elements brand store

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Ulitsa Krakra 24, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 2 years ago

The Soul Elements brand is related to the qualities of natural elements and gives us an answer to the question of how each of us can harmonize ourselves through their strengths and qualities. How the elements affect the individual signs of the Zodiac and why they are so important to our relationship with ourselves and others. If you want your energy to blend in with that of the people you love, then you’re certainly more curious than the majority of people. Nature communicates with us, and it’s more important to us than we think.

Fire adds fuel to our body and soul as it brings to the fore our strength and ability to survive, move forward, and change. It gives us the energy in the body, a river of energy – passing through its shape. The fire is very important for the signs RAM, LION and SAGITTARIUS.

The Earth element provides the paradigm for other physical elements, tells us to remember what is essential within us, to remember the elements outside of us, this element gives us stability, resilience, and materializes our desires. It is especially important for the signs TAURUS, Virgo and CAPRICORN.

Air is our mental activity, it is in us for a very short time. If we don’t share it, it will destroy us. From the aerial element, we learn to share with others. It teaches us gratitude. This element is very important for GEMINI, SCALES and AQUARIUS.

The water within us unlocks our consciousness to take for granted everything we call “ours”, for “ourselves”, “for us”. This element is associated with the expression of our feelings and intuition. It is our ability to mingle with others without losing ourselves. Water is very important for CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES.

Soul Elements products are related to our relationship with all parts of the material world and harmony between us and nature. In our tea, chocolate, cosmetics, candles and household items we pay special attention to the elements EARTH, WATER, FIRE AND AIR. Through the power of Soul Elements to break away from everyday stress and help us reach body and soul harmony.

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