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Silistar Beach

Ulitsa Silistar, 8279 Tsarevo, Bulgaria

Silistar beach is a beautiful sandy beach with fine soft golden sand and azure blue color of the sea.

The beach is in the shape of a semicircle and behind it the hills are covered with lush vegetation. It is a public and free beach.

It is located about 5 km from Sinemorec, near the Turkish border. Silistar Bay is very beautiful and the water is crystal clear.

The sea here is quiet and peaceful. The beach is 1 km long and about 50 m wide. At one end there is a restaurant.

There are no beach facilities and no services, so you need to bring everything you need with you. The beach is suitable for families.

In the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the beach there is a camp. Water sports, especially surfing, are represented. The beach is poorly visited.

This area was declared protected in 1992, because rare endangered bird species nest here: golden eagle, black stork and others.

Access to the beach is difficult. The beach is reached by a bad dirt road through a forest that is 1 km long. There are parking spaces next to the beach.

Main characteristics of the beach

* no promenade

* free entrance

* no beach facilities

* sandy

* has no rescue service

* suitable for families

* not suitable for people with disabilities

* water sports are represented

* difficult access

* has parking

* poorly attended

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