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Ulitsa Graf Ignatiev 5, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 2 years ago

SawRoom: The Revenge Room

This is a special place. A place, where you will make a change in yourself. Have you ever thought about how much you care about your life? We will give you 75 minutes, to prove to yourself how much you care about the greatest gift. Face the challenge, which many call an escape room. Feel the need to escape and run away. Faster.

There are two mods of the game

Hardcore (3-6 players): Fear, but not too much of it
Nightmare (3-4 players): We will try to make it real as fuck.

SawRoom: Game Over Room

Surviving wont be just your next mission, but your only priority. The only motivation will be the urge to stay alive, because the END wont be what you imagine it will be.

You can choose two game modes of the escape room:

Hardcore (3-6 players): The actor will be a big problem in your survival.
Are you fucking insane (3-4 players): Fear and heartbeat will all be fucked up. Don’t get surprised whatever happens to you, you chose it yourself

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