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Sahara Beach

9006, 9002 Varna, Bulgaria

Sahara Beach is located near the places of St. Constantine and Helena. The beach is covered with fine sand splashed by white waves of blue clear sea.

On the beach there are deck chairs and umbrellas that you can rent, but also parts where visitors can place their umbrellas. The rescue service is on duty during the season.

There are many restaurants and several hotels nearby. Behind the beach are two large quality hotels with outdoor pools.

The entrance to the sea is suitable for children and non-swimmers because the sea along the coast is very shallow. The beach is great for swimming, sunbathing and socializing. It is quite visited.

Access to the beach is good. The beach can be reached by car. There is a car park nearby.

Main characteristics of the beach

* no promenade

* free entrance

* has beach facilities

* sandy

* has a rescue service

* suitable for families with children

* not suitable for people with disabilities

* no sports

* easy access

* has parking

* quite visited

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