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Russian Monument Square

Ploshtad Ruski pametnik, 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 2 years ago

A modest plaza is placed in the center of a circular crossroads where the major city boulevards – Skobelev and Totleben – connect. It is surrounded by trees, and in the middle lies a monument commemorating Bulgaria’s freedom from Ottoman domination. Osman Nuri-Pasha, the Ottoman governor, departed the city in 1877.

The monument is designed in the shape of an obelisk, with a rectangular, truncated pyramid and a three-step pedestal. There is a marble relief portraying Russia’s coat of arms and the Cross of St. George, as well as an inscription honouring Tsar Alexander, who freed Bulgaria during his reign.

In 1882, the monument was unveiled. The Russians paid for its construction. It is unknown who created it, although it was most likely designed by architect Vokar, who also created monuments in Dobrich and Pleven, or by Russian architect and painter Vladimir Sherwood.

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