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Puzzlenarium Escape Room

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Ulitsa Ekaterina Nencheva 10, 1700 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 2 years ago

Looking for something unique and different that will entertain you? Puzzlenarium’s escap rooms are an excellent way to spend an unforgettable and enjoyable time with family and friends working together as a team. Cinema is out of fashion! This is where the hero of the movie will be you!

Inspired by the Victorian era and the bleak streets and dungeons of London, the idea of puzzlenarium’s escap rooms was born, claiming to life the images of some of the most famous characters of the 19th century.

I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of the most famous detective in the world – his name is Sherlock Holmes, and his job is to know and see what others can’t.

Enter the shoes of Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery surrounding the missing Artifact OR face the most dangerous and mysterious killer in The History of England.

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