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Oscar Club Cocktail bar

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Ulitsa Dobrudzha 1, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 2 years ago

Oscar Club was born in May 1999.

After sunset, oscar club wakes up for another life, because the night is born here. Our team accommodates you without wasting time, because there is a desire for an hour rather to offer you an assortment of drinks that you could hardly find elsewhere or prepare yourself at home. Everyone who has been to oscar club at least once knows that he is proud of his extremely high and rich cocktail culture. Here you are sure that every time we serve you your favorite cocktail without changing its taste. The most preferred of our friends are our original cocktails, which are also main in our menu, numbering over 500 items. But hold your breath, because besides them, at OSCAR Club we offer the bright Tiki cocktails, the playful espuma cocktails, the molecular cocktails that come from the future, the original cocktails you mix yourself, the cocktails that age in oak barrels, seasoned with herbs that get better with time.

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