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Horror House Bulgaria

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Ulitsa Bacho Kiro 5, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 2 years ago

Beneath the village streets stretch 240 kilometers of dark dungeons. Bomb shelters, bunkers, tunnels used for logistics, warehouses and secret laboratories hide the mysteries of Sofia.

Some of them were used as bomb shelters, others for logistics, bunkers, warehouses and secret laboratories. Now the municipality maintains only a few, and many are abandoned or swamped. And when it comes to them, everyone is silent.

Legend has it that under an old military block in the center of Sofia lies a cluttered laboratory for biological experiments with humans since the dawn of socialism. Something creepy has been happening recently. A group of adventurers disappeared, no traces were found except for an open old ventilation shaft.

What happened? The rumors speak of mutated creatures – the fruit of experiments conducted in the laboratory and later released!

Deep in the catacombs beneath Sofia thrives another, unknown life… What will prevail, fear or curiosity?

Would you dare step on the doorstep?

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