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Bedroom Premium Club

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ul. Lege 2, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia
  • Posted 2 years ago

To be trendy is a temporal appearance, to be the best is a talent!

Premium Club Bedroom has proven this many times to its guests and continues to work in this direction – to be a leader in the night life of Sofia.

Shut your eyes wide to, feel the atmosphere, get goosebumps from the inspiring L-Acoustics sound … Immerse yourself in the chambers – enter your club, visit your place! That’s Bedroom Premium Club Sofia.

We know how to make you feel exceptional – and therefore you come back to us – each following night, every up-coming week, for every special occasion! You know that every night you will see yourself from a different point of view thank to the program of Bedroom Premium Club – an avant-garde show, full of female beauty, provoking outfit, high-tech effects. The thematic performances Fetish Night, White Devils, RockstaR, Pure Glamour, Future Heroes, Your Favorite Sin, Sparkling Sex Appeal are only a small part of the various program of the club.

Having fun in one and the same bedroom with world-famous DJs, recognizable personalities and beautiful, stylish and elegant people can happen to you only to Bedroom Premium Club. Take advantage of it!

The Bedroom: If you haven’t been in our bedroom, do not be shy! You will enjoy it, we are sure – perfected to the last detail, with unique and stylish design at several levels – amphitheater setting that allows mystic to be mixed with adrenaline, smiles to meet faces …night to welcomes the morning!

The interior: The used materials in the club are all natural – eucalyptus wood, metal, stone, onyx, glass, leather, natural textiles.
The highlight of the club’s interior is the ceiling – no, it is not a mirror … we have a better hidden message for our guests – enlarged projection of the painting “Shhh” by the artist Iskra Georgieva – it has collected all “banded” examples of the erotic art…A suitable start of every night in Bedroom Premium Club, isn’t it?

Center of composition in the club is the dynamically lit scene with integrated catwalk, which enables the deployment of large-scale ballet choreography, complemented by perfect sound and 3D multimedia show. This Catwalk is an indirect dividing line between VIP sector and the rest of the club.

Location: Bedroom Premium Club is located in the heart of the capital, on 2 Lege Str., housed in a very memorable building.
The Sound: L-Acoustics – the legendary physicist Dr. Christian Heil, founder of the boutique French company L-Acoustics, created a range of professional audio equipment, which, with its uniqueness and quality, became an integral part of tours and concerts of some of the most popular names in the music show business.

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