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Things To See in Kuwait

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Kuwait is not the best vacation destination in the area, but if you’re on a business trip, here are some sights to see:

  • Failaka Island, a harbor with numerous ancient dhows, is accessible by frequent ferry services. There are also some interesting Bronze Age and Greek archaeological sites to see, notably the island’s Greek temple. The Greeks who built an outpost on Failaka Island under Alexander the Great called it Ikarus. During the Iraqi invasion, Failaka suffered significant damage. Plans are presently being developed to turn the island into a large-scale tourist destination. KD 3.
  • The city of Al Jahra. Traditional-style boums and sambuks (boats) are still constructed in Al Jahrah, but the vessels are now used for pleasure rather than pearl fishing or trade.
  • Mina Al Ahmadi’s formal name is Mina Al Ahmadi. Mina Al Ahmadi, located 19 kilometers (12 miles) south of Kuwait City, is an oil port with massive jetties for supertanker traffic. The Kuwait Oil Company’s efforts is honored in the Oil Display Center (Reservations needed)
  • Cliffs in the Kazmah desert (go on Road 80, turn right to Road 801 to Bubiyan, take first exit and turn left). Because they are one of the few elevations in the Kuwaiti desert, these cliffs provide an excellent perspective of the bay when visibility is good. On weekends, many young Kuwaitis come here to test their Jeeps and Quads uphill.
  • Anywhere in the desert (go north on Road 801, west on Road 70 or south on road 306). Despite the fact that the city is expanding, Kuwait remains mainly a huge and desolate desert. Many roads leading out from the city will take you to areas where there is nothing but sand, sand, and more sand. While this isn’t something you’d seek for every weekend in the winter as the locals do, it’s a lovely experience to have once if you’re coming during the very hot summer.

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