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How to spend the perfect weekend in Venice?

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The city that was once the seat of the Venetian Republic and today is ideal for spending a romantic weekend. History and architecture will delight you , and we present you a list of things to see and experience in Venice.

Exploring Bridges

Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

Since the city “floats” on water and is full of canals, bridges connect buildings and promenades. Almost every bridge is a story in itself, decorated with many details, different style and size, and the Venetian bridges are also one of the symbols of the city. Rialto, Skalzi and Kostitucione are just some of the bridges you should definitely visit.

Enjoy fish specialties

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Rialto fish market in Venice, Italy - How to spend the perfect weekend in Venice

Since the sea defines Venice as a city, it is logical that the supply of fish is huge. The fish markets offer a special experience, and on them you will find many species of which you did not even know they existed. The best experience is to visit the markets of Rialto and Chioggia.

Doge’s Palace

Doge's Palace in Venice - How to spend the perfect weekend in Venice

It is one of the places in Venice not to be missed. It was built in the 14th century and will amaze you with its architecture, interior design and exhibitions. During the reign of the Venetians all important political decisions were made right here, so take a look at the palace and feel a touch of history.

Eat and drink like the Venetians

The Gritti Terrace - Eat and drink in Venice - How to spend the perfect weekend in Venice

Although tourists are used to seeing the famous squares, cathedrals and palaces, the gastronomy should not be neglected. Numerous taverns and restaurants in the streets hide many specialties – try ombra and spritzer liqueurs for an aperitif and order “sarde in saor” or “Rixoto de go” for a meal.

Have fun at the carnival

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Carnival in Venice, Italy - How to spend the perfect weekend in Venice

Besides the carnival in Rio, Brazil, the Venetian carnival is the most famous in the world. It takes place every year on the day before the Founding Wednesday, and the tradition dates back to 1162. Magnificent masks lead many tourists to join the carnival parade every year.

Do not forget the Grand Canal

Grand Canal in Venice - How to spend the perfect weekend in Venice

This 3.8 kilometer long main intersection of the city runs through the entire city. It can be visited by water cabs and gondolas, a popular means of transportation for tourists. The canal was built for five centuries and shows the power of the city when it was ruled by rich families.

Take the gondola ride

Take the gondola ride - How to spend the perfect weekend in Venice

To come to Venice and not to go by gondola is a great pity. Enjoy the view of the fascinating architecture during the ride with your partner.

Visit San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore - How to spend the perfect weekend in Venice, Italy

The famous church is separated from the city on a separate small hill. This gives it a special charm and the appearance of an oasis, and the architect Paladio is responsible for its creation. There is also a theater and a library on the island.

Finally, a little more art


Don’t miss a guided tour of St. Mark’s Church, the patron saint of Venice. This cathedral is a masterpiece. It was built in the 12th century and houses many statues, paintings and other valuable works of art. There is a lot of gold in it, which in turn testifies to the wealth of Venice.

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