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Countries where alcohol is forbidden

Magazine Interesting facts Countries where alcohol is forbidden

If you are a fan of alcohol, it is good to know where it is banned.


Sale and use of alcohol is limited in several Indian states, a complete ban on alcohol could be introduced. In cities like Gujarat visitors must purchase a special permit, which is valid for 30 days. They are usually sold in hotels or at the main airport in the country in Ahmedabad. Sale and consumption of alcohol are fully banned in Lakshadweep.


Although the prohibition was abolished more than 80 years ago, a number of districts still prohibit alcohol including 36 in Mississippi, 83 in Alaska and three in Florida. Alcohol is also banned in a number of districts in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama and Kentucky. Despite the distillery “Jack Daniels”, alcohol is banned in the Mur District in Tennessee. In the local area it is not possible to buy any bottles of the drink.


Drinking alcohol is prohibited in the capital, Male, and on all the islands where there are no resorts. In the rest of the country residents and tourists can feel free to enjoy a drink.

United Arab Emirates

Although alcohol is available in hotels, some restaurants and supermarkets, it is illegal to drink or be under the influence of alcohol at other public places. In the Emirate of Sharjah alcohol is completely banned.


Alcohol consumption in public places and sale of the same is banned. Non-Muslim adults entering the country might, however, import 2 bottles of liquor and 12 beer cans per person as they enter the country. They need to declare the same to the customs at the airport and also consume alcohol only in private. You need to buy a license for consumption.


In Bangladesh, alcohol consumption and sale is prohibited. However, the non-Muslims residing in the country or visiting the country are not subject to such restrictions as long as they confine their alcohol consumption to their private spaces. Some restaurants, night-clubs, hotels, and bars in the country, especially those in tourist destinations, are allowed to sell alcohol


Non-Muslim population and tourists will find alcohol only in five hotels, which are located in five major cities. The black market exists, and it is a cause of many deaths.


All visitors who are not Muslims are allowed to bring alcohol into the country, but they have to consume exclusively in private.


Despite being banned, alcohol is still available at the black market. Strict punishments are meted out on those who disrespect the laws and publicly sell or consume alcohol. However, there are reports that alcohol is readily available to the people in the country through illegal means causing many deaths.


Alcohol is completely banned in Yemen. Yemenis are not allowed to consume alcohol in the country and the sale of alcohol is illegal. Foreigners who are non-Muslims are allowed to carry a limited volume of alcohol into the country and drink in their private space.


In Kuwait, the alcohol is available only in the context of certain foreign embassies, but not for general use. Alcohol is also banned in Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan.

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