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Stay Safe & Healthy in Uruguay

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Stay Safe in Uruguay

In comparison to its neighbors, Uruguay has always had a relatively low rate of violent crime. As a result, Argentines and Brazilians often vacation in Uruguay because they enjoy not having to worry about getting carjacked, abducted, or killed while on vacation. Uruguay is still largely free of these kinds of crimes nowadays.

However, this does not imply that Uruguay is devoid of crime. The main distinction is that most crimes in Uruguay are either non-confrontational or do not entail the indiscriminate use of weapons. Since the severe 2001-2002 financial crisis, Montevideo’s crime rate has steadily increased, and it currently has relatively high levels of theft, burglary, and robbery comparable to those seen in large U.S. cities. Fortunately, Punta del Este and the majority of rural regions continue to have low crime rates. You will have a very secure vacation if you take simple measures in Montevideo (e.g., wear a money belt and/or hotel safe for valuables, be vigilant, and avoid apparent slums).

Cannabis is one of the most commonly used and legal substances in the nation. Uruguay is the world’s first nation to legalize the sale, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis. In terms of marijuana legality, possession for personal use is not punished if it is in small amounts (a few grams), whether Uruguayan or international. Possession of large amounts (e.g., one kilogram) is unlawful and punished by law. Remember that the new legalization of this substance for personal use (medicinal or recreational), sale, or storage of the plant (480 grams per year) is only available to Uruguayan residents aged 18 and above (natural or legal citizenship) with legal ability. Similarly to driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of marijuana is prohibited, and such a violation may result in a fine.

In case of an emergency, dial 911 or 999. 104 is the number to dial for firefighters.

Stay Healthy in Uruguay

Tap water is safe to drink in all major cities. The Hospital Britanico (British Hospital), SUMMUM, and BlueCross BlueShield Uruguay provide European-quality care in a clean and efficient environment. The biggest healthcare businesses in Uruguay include Asociación Espaola, Medica Uruguaya, and CASMU, all of which are of European standard. Just don’t make any bad drinking choices.

Chagas disease is one of the tropical illnesses that may be found in Uruguay. It has a limited frequency and is only found in the north of the nation. Most of the time, the sole mode of transmission is vertical (from mother to child). Because there is no vaccination for any of them, you must keep an eye out for mosquitoes. In reality, insects are uncommon in Uruguay, at least during the Southern Hemisphere winter.

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