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How To Travel To Uruguay

South AmericaUruguayHow To Travel To Uruguay

By plane

Carrasco International Airport, situated 20 kilometers east of Montevideo, is the country’s biggest and major hub. Carrasco is a tiny airport, thus most visitors from outside Latin America will need to connect at least one or twice to get there.

There are flights from Carrasco to many locations in Argentina and Brazil, with Buenos Aires and So Paulo having direct connections to several important airports on other continents. Other locations in Latin America include Santiago de Chile, Asunción, Santa Cruz, Lima, and Panama. There are other flights to Miami, Madrid, and Paris.

Other airports exist in the country, but they only offer one or two flights per week to Montevideo or Buenos Aires – given the small distances and cheap and regular bus service, these airports are of minimal value for most visitors. If you’re planning a trip to western Uruguay, try flying into Buenos Aires and then proceeding by bus or boat.

Pluna, the former flag carrier, discontinued operations in 2012.

By car

Land border crossings are available from both Argentina and Brazil. Vehicles are transported on certain boats between Buenos Aires and Colonia.

Driving on the right is the norm in Uruguay, as it is throughout the rest of South America. The roadways are in excellent condition, and the speed limit on most of them is 90 to 110 km/h, although it is not enforced.

To drive in Uruguay, you must have a “carta verde,” which may be obtained through the embassy. Alcohol contentration is limited at 0.03 percent by law (0.0 percent for trucks,taxis and bus drivers)

By bus

Buses from the Brazilian cities of Porto Alegre, So Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro operate frequently. The bus network is vast, with many routes connecting Montevideo to towns across the nation. Montevideo’s three major hubs are Terminal Tres Cruces, Agencia Central, and Terminal Ciudad Vieja. Bus travel is very safe. So Paulo, Porto Alegre (Brazil), the majority of Argentinian provinces (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Entre Rios), Asunción (Paraguay), and Santiago de Chile are all served by international flights. The service is catered, and the buses provide an exceptional level of service, much beyond that of the typical European bus.

By boat

Buquebus provides a boat service between Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo, Uruguay. Some services continue to Punta del Este from there. There are two alternatives for the Buquebus-Ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento. One takes three hours to get there, while the other takes one hour. The three-hour ferry ticket to Montevideo costs approximately ARS147 (03/2010) while the fast ferry ticket costs about ARS190 (03/2010).

Colonia Express offers a one-hour boat ride from Buenos Aires to Colonia, followed by a bus ride to Montevideo. Ticket costs to Montevideo start at ARS149 (03/2010) and may go much lower with special online deals.

Seacat Colonia also provides a one-hour ferry service between Buenos Aires and Colonia, followed by a bus to Montevideo and Punta del Este. Tickets to Montevideo start at ARS142