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How To Travel To Suriname

South AmericaSurinameHow To Travel To Suriname

By plane

Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

(IATA:PBM) It is 45 kilometers south of Paramaribo and was formerly known as Zanderij International Airport.

The daily KLM flight departs from Amsterdam. Surinam Airways also has flights from Amsterdam to other Caribbean locations.

Airline service is provided from the United States through Surinam Airways and Caribbean Airlines, with a layover in Trinidad. Aside from the daily trip to the Netherlands, there are weekly direct flights from Trinidad, Brazil (Belem), and Curacao to Suriname.

You may take a cab or bus into town from Johan Adolf Pengel International. A cab (if private) will cost about SRD80. Prices, however, may vary depending on the driver. Before traveling somewhere, be sure to establish and agree on a fee with the driver.

Zorg-en-Hoop Airfield

(IATA: ORG) A tiny airstrip situated farther from Paramaribo that serves mainly local and domestic aircraft. The following airlines operate many daily flights from/to Ogle Aerodome in Georgetown (Guyana):

By car

Suriname may be reached by road from Guyana. Georgetown, Guyana, inquires about minibuses traveling to Suriname. It should be noted that entering Suriname, Nieuw Nickerie via boat travel from Guyana is prohibited. Every day, buses depart Georgetown towards the Surinamese border. Inquire about the Berbice parking lot. There is a frequent river ferry between Guyana and Suriname in the west (Guyana-Suriname border).

It is possible to go by automobile from French Guiana (there a small car ferry between Suriname and Guyana). Small boats and a ferry connect Albina (Suriname) with St. Laurent in the east (French Guiana) The cost is typically about SRD10 or €5 per person.

By bus

You may ride the bus from Albina (on the border with French Guiana) to Paramaribo for around SRD30 or €10.

Take mini bus #63a from Georgetown, Guyana, to Molson Creek in eastern Guyana, close over the river from Suriname. The journey will take at least 3 hours. You will next travel through customs on the Guyanese side. Then, at 11:00 a.m., take the boat across the river to South Drain. The boat journey itself lasts approximately 30 minutes.

By boat

There is a frequent river ferry between Guyana and Suriname in the west. The boat from Guyana costs USD10 and only operates once a day at 11:00 a.m. At 11:00 a.m., the boat leaves Suriname for Guyana (Suriname is one hour ahead of Guyana). As of December 2010, there is an extra boat that departs two hours later. Look into the specifics.