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Destinations in Suriname

South AmericaSurinameDestinations in Suriname

Regions in Suriname


The capital city of Paramaribo and its immediate surrounds, which are home to over half of the country’s population, are as busy as it gets. It boasts a lovely historic center and several cafés and restaurants that appeal to any traveller’s needs. It is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It’s also a great starting place for visits to the rest of the nation.

The West Coast

The west coast is known for its bird life, and the Bigi Pan Nature Reserve is a must-see on any trip to Suriname. There are a few villages and some lodging options, but this is a spot away from the throng and sometimes neglected by travelers.

The East Coast

The eastern region has some of the greatest examples of old colonial plantations, some of which are still in use, while others have been abandoned and are totally damaged. Some of the most notable nesting beaches for sea turtles in the West-Atlantic may be found around the coast.

Surinamese Rainforest

Suriname’s interior parts are part of the enormous Amazon region and are nearly totally covered with tropical rainforest. The Sipaliwini savanna is located in the southwest. Mountain ranges may be found in the center and south, however the highest peak, Julianatop, is just 1280 meters high. This region is home to the majority of Amerindians and Maroons, many of whom live in primitive conditions. The Brokopondo Reservoir is one of the world’s biggest reservoirs.

Cities in Suriname

  • Paramaribo – The capital and only city of the country
  • Albina – Hub to French Guiana
  • Apoera – Indian village in West Suriname
  • Domburg – Sunday’s meeting point for Paramaribo people
  • Groningen – Relaxed place on the Saramacca River
  • Lelydorp – The second largest city of Suriname
  • Moengo – The former bauxite mining centre
  • Nieuw Amsterdam – Best known for it’s fort
  • Nieuw Nickerie – Most western city protected by a sea wall
  • Santigron – A Maroon village along the Saramacca river

Other destinations in Suriname

  • Bigi Pan Nature Reserve – A large area of open water, mudflats and mangrove forest
  • Brownsberg Nature Park – A nature park close to Paramaribo
  • Central Suriname Nature Reserve – one of the most remote, ancient, and pristine wildernesses on Earth
  • Colakreek – A Cola colored swimming place in the midst of the savannah
  • Galibi nature reserve – Beaches where sea turtles lay their eggs
  • Jodensavanne – A ruined, historic settlement of Sephardic Jews
  • Nature Resort Kabalebo – Flora and fauna in the untouched nature of the splendid Amazon rain forest
  • Old plantations in Commewijne – Best place to visit plantations as they were once
  • Raleighvallen Nature Reserve – An extensive set of rapids in the upper Coppename River
  • Upper Suriname – Authentic Maroon villages along the Upper Suriname River