Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Peru

South AmericaPeruInternet & Communications in Peru

Except in the tiniest towns and villages, public telephones for national and international calls are available. The majority are in pubs or shops. Some of them take coins, but be wary of stuck coins or suspicious-looking coin receivers, since these may cause you to lose your money. Don’t worry if your 1 Nuevo Sol coins don’t go through at first; just keep trying and it will work soon. Many public phones are costly, therefore a Locutorio, or “call-center,” is an appealing option. Calls inside the country typically cost.2 Nuevo Sol per minute, while most international calls cost.5 Nuevo Sol per minute.

You may also purchase phone cards with a 12 digit secret number printed on them. And begin, use a phone card to call 147. After that, you’ll be informed how much your card is still good for and asked for your secret number (in Spanish, of course). After you input it, you are prompted to enter the phone number to which you want to connect. Enter it here. Then you’re informed how much time you have to speak. The connection is then attempted.

It is frequently a good idea to go to an Internet café that provides Internet-based phone calls while making international calls. They may be found in cities. Internet cafés, known as cabinas pblicas in Peru, proliferate like mushrooms, and if you are not in the rural, you should have no trouble finding one. Even in tiny towns like Mancora or Chivay, Internet cafés offering 512kbit/s ADSL may be found. The connection is very stable, and they are reasonably priced (1.50-3 Soles, US$0.60-1.20 per hour). Just don’t expect most of them to offer coffee – or anything else except computer time or printing services. Cabinas that burn CDs straight from SD, CF, or Memory sticks are not prevalent. Many Internet cafés provide headphones and microphones for free or at a cost.

Tourist offices

This government tourism office has a presence in most tourist-friendly cities and can provide information. They also maintain track of companies and record complaints, allowing you to research tour operators and other businesses before making a reservation. Their services are provided at no cost.