Sunday, September 19, 2021

Things To Do in Paraguay

South AmericaParaguayThings To Do in Paraguay
  • Cruise on the Paraguay River. Cruise on a luxurious wooden boat from the ports of Asunción to the Pantanal and Chaco region. NOTE: Due to maintenance work on the ship, cruises have been suspended since March 2013.
  • Take a walk through the historic centre of the city of Asunción. Many of the once magnificent buildings are in a state of disrepair, but if you look past the graffiti, you can imagine the former glory of Asunción. At night you can take a taxi and enjoy the city fully illuminated. There are many bars and restaurants in this area.
  • Safari in Paraguay. Safari expeditions in Paraguay for people who want to know and experience the wildlife. Guides trained in the field of biology, with knowledge of the fauna and flora included in each ecoregion of the country.