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Stay Safe & Healthy in Paraguay

South AmericaParaguayStay Safe & Healthy in Paraguay

Stay Safe in Paraguay

There are not many big cities and if you use common sense and street smarts you are unlikely to get into trouble. The police are notoriously corrupt and if you are stopped for any reason you will almost certainly be asked to pay a bribe. In Asunción, most police officers are not corrupt. Crime is common in the cities, although not as prevalent as in other cities such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Buenos Aires.

Ciudad del Este is a hotbed of illegal activity, such as money laundering and counterfeiting, but this should not affect your travels. However, you should always keep an eye on your pockets and purse here, as in any other major city. As long as you are not involved in drug dealing (accidental or otherwise) and are wary of pickpockets, you should be safe most of the time.

Stay Healthy in Paraguay

  • Hospitals in Paraguay range from decent to unhealthy and unequipped. If you get seriously ill, try to go to the best hospital, even if it takes a bit longer – you may not find surgical gloves in the worst hospitals.
  • There are many stray dogs running around the streets – avoid them. They will not usually bother you.
  • You can get a foot flea known locally as a spade (Tunga penetrans), which usually gathers around the toes. They lay eggs in your feet if left unattended. The best way to get rid of them is to pierce the area with a sewing needle and pour hydrogen peroxide over the area, then dig up the bug. If you have caught one, you may notice itching or tenderness in your feet.
  • Paraguay is in the risk zone for the two most common mosquito-borne tropical fevers: Dengue and Yellow Fever.
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