Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel To Paraguay

South AmericaParaguayHow To Travel To Paraguay

By air

Paraguay has no national airline and, despite its central location in South America, air services are not numerous. Currently, the only intercontinental flight is the twice-weekly Air Europa service between Madrid and Asuncion. Most foreign travellers therefore have to change planes in São Paulo (for those coming from North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia), in Buenos Aires or Santiago (for those coming from Australia and the Pacific), and in Lima or Panama (for those coming from Central America and the Caribbean). The main international airport is Silvio Pettirosi (ASU), 10 km from the capital Asunción.

Currently, the following airlines offer direct flights to Paraguay:

TAM (from Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima and Santa Cruz de la Sierra).

By train

There is a new rail shuttle between Encarnación, Paraguay, and Posadas, Argentina. The service connects the two sides of the international border in 10 minutes by crossing the Paraná River on the San Roque González de Santa Cruz International Bridge.

By bus

There are bus services to and from various cities in South America. You can take a bus from Santiago, Chile; São Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cordoba, Argentina; Santa Cruz, Bolivia; Montevideo, Uruguay; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The buses are very modern and some of them have seats that turn completely into beds. In Spanish they are called cama. The inclination of the half-camas for the most part.

The bus to and from Bolivia crosses the Chaco. Only one bus company makes the trip, from Santa Cruz to Asunción, with possible stops in Villamontes (Bolivia) or a few kilometres from Filadelfia (Paraguay), but generally for the same price. Note that tourists have to bargain, prices are at least 45 USD (payable in local currency or USD). The trip takes at least a full day, easily more. Note that the bus from Santa Cruz passes Villamontes around 02:00.

The bus from Ciudad Del Este (Paraguay), on the border with Brazil, is generally cheaper to get to Rio or São Paulo than the bus from Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil). To get to Puerto Iguazú (Argentina), many buses go through Brazil (without Brazilian border control) for only 10 ARS or 10,000 PYG. It is best to go to the border in advance to get an exit stamp for Paraguay as not all buses stop, otherwise ask before you jump on a bus.

By boat

The Aquidaban boat leaves Concepción regularly once a week and travels up the Paraguay River to Bahía Negra, stopping at all the Paraguayan ports north of the border with Brazil. These boats are not designed to accommodate large numbers of passengers, so expect a stifling crowd, but you can buy just about anything on board, even cold beer.