Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Paraguay

South AmericaParaguayHow To Travel Around Paraguay

By taxi

Taxis are the most efficient and reliable means of transport, although you can probably also get there by bus, or colectivo as the Paraguayans call it. Taxis are expensive compared to other prices in Paraguay, and in Asunción, fares are determined by the taximeter. Tipping in taxis is not common among locals (although drivers appreciate it). Expect a small surcharge on the fare if you take a taxi late at night or on Sundays.

There are no meters outside Asunción, so you should agree on a price before entering. Negotiating a price can be useful, as tourists have been charged up to US$10 for a five-minute ride. To avoid disputes, always ask the concierge at your hotel what the actual fare is.

By train

There are currently no regular passenger rail services in Paraguay.

By car

Highways connect all major regions of Paraguay, but most have only one lane in each direction. You may encounter toll booths along the way. The police can stop you for any reason and will expect bribes. Locals say that the most common way to avoid spending too much money on bribes demanded by the “polícia caminera” (traffic police) is to give them a small guarani note when shaking hands with them when they stop your car. Also, if they ask, it is advisable to play dumb until they let you off with a warning and NOT to admit that this is your first time driving through Paraguay. Avoid paying bribes (called coimas in Paraguay) as this can only harm the country. Say that you have no money on you and that you did not know it was not allowed. If you have really done something wrong, you must pay the fine and always ask for a receipt.

Please note that you are only likely to have such problems with the police on rural roads. These problems do not tend to occur in the more affluent areas of the big cities, where you can have a slightly more ‘pleasant’ relationship with the police.

By bus

Buses are the most common form of public transport. There are many companies operating different routes. You should check which one serves your destination. If you are travelling from Asunción, the bus station website has information on fares for all destinations and bus companies, as well as departure times. The website is only in Spanish and there is no information on timetables for trips to Asunción.

Some of the intercity bus companies are :